About Us

About Us

The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

Purpose of the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum
Our purpose at the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum is to enable high school students to recognize their full potential by experiencing all facets of entrepreneurship. The Forum gives teens their start by taking them beyond the classroom into the real world of entrepreneurship.

Funded by The Veale Foundation, the Forum is a growing network of high schools in Northeast Ohio that was founded in 2012 with the assistance of the Young Entrepreneur Institute at University School. The Forum currently reaches some 7,000 students annually at 22 different private and public high schools that are invited for participation and uses its resources to equip students with an entrepreneurial mindset and essential skills.

Students participating in the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum gain the ability to:

  • recognize business opportunities,
  • think creatively and analytically,
  • solve problems,
  • take initiative,
  • persist through failure,
  • work collaboratively, and
  • communicate effectively.

The Forum sponsors annual business and pitch competitions, enabling students to develop ideas, deliver presentations, create business plans, and found new ventures. Student participation in summer internships, entrepreneurship camps, and the Young Entrepreneur Market are also supported. The Forum introduces students and their teachers to Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing students with a network for kick starting their professional lives in a place where entrepreneurs are nurtured and supported.

Committed to exceptional education, Forum teachers meet regularly to share best practices and generate ideas for classroom enhancement. Teacher attendance at conferences, workshops, and professional development meetings is also supported.

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About The Veale Foundation


The Veale Foundation was established in 1964 by Tinkham Veale II and his wife Harriet to improve the quality of life of others by making charitable donations to entities primarily located in Northeastern Ohio. To fulfill this mission, the Veale Foundation is committed to supporting charitable causes involved in areas such as education, human and social services, civic and community, and healthcare that are consistent with its historical donations.




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