E CITY (Youth Opportunities Unlimited)

E CITY (Youth Opportunities Unlimited)

1361 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 566-5445

Forum Director for E CITY

Murray, Dominic

“Becoming a part of the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum has enriched the YOU E CITY program.”

Dominic Murray
Program Manager, E CITY

Entrepreneurship: Connecting, Inspiring and Teaching Youth

E CITY introduces teens in multiple participating schools throughout Northeast Ohio to the process of starting a real business. Part of Youth Opportunities Unlimited since 2011, E CITY was founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs and business people who play a key role as coaches in E CITY programs. E CITY joined the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum in 2014-15. Learn more about E CITY, here.


Participating Schools

Pitch Videos


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