Mini Maker Hackathon

What is a Hack?

A sprint-like design event that includes team members of various subject matter expertise who collaborate intensively to generate ideas and/or a product. The term originated with computer programmers and software developers.

Our Hack Experts…

Upcycle Parts Shop
Upcycle Parts Shop is a leader in sustainable art and craft supplies in Cleveland. Having diverted more than 14 tons of usable materials from the waste stream, Upcycle Parts Shop shines a light on the value of everything around us.

Nicole McGee
Michael Hudecek


ThingBIG! Mini Maker Hackathon

Taking miscellaneous surplus items from various industries (from paint chips to shoelaces to vinyl rolls and screws), hackathon teams will create something to sell using the prompts created by hackathon experts Nicole McGee and Michael Hudecek of Upcycle Parts Shop. Teams will be inspired, and collaboration and innovative thinking will ensue. Judged on creativity, participation and feasibility, hacks will be pared down to the Final Four, who will present their product in the afternoon for final judging.

Hackathons can establish a stream of valuable ideas, awakening experimentation and an innovative mindset. Happy hacking!

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