Top 3 Benefits of Executive Coaching Day

Top 3 Benefits of Executive Coaching Day

Each year, student finalists in the Veale Business Plan Competition spend a day getting coaching and mentoring from professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs on how to deliver the best possible pitches and pitch decks. As identified by Veale student entrepreneurs, here are the top 3 benefits of Executive Coaching Day:

  1. Practicing the pitch for coaches, getting and incorporating feedback in real time, and practicing again provides a huge lift in student ability to comfortably deliver compelling pitches.
  2. Selecting and incorporating carefully chosen images into student slide decks boosts student ability to deliver verbal pitches without relying on wordy slides as a crutch, resulting in much more interesting presentations.
  3. Getting advice from seasoned founders clarifies student thinking about business ideas and assumptions, especially as it relates to the financial projections delivered in the final pitch.

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