2016 Business Plan Competition Kicks Off at Magnificat High School

2016 Business Plan Competition Kicks Off at Magnificat High School

The 2016 Veale Business Plan Competition is underway for 10 high schools in the Forum. The first competition took place at Magnificat High School on January 9, 2016.

Experiencing entrepreneurship and executing on an idea is something all of the Magnificat competitors will carry with them for life. Let’s meet two student founders.



Lizzie Thornton turned her passion for cake decorating into a successful business venture. She recently launched Frosting on the Cake, a come-to-you party service where everyone gets to decorate and eat cake. Lizzie’s poise and creativity made her an able competitor and she took first place. She will go on to compete at the Demo Day competition on March 8, 2016 against student-founders from 9 other private high schools. Lizzie describes entrepreneurship education at Magnificat High School as “thought-provoking.”








Tess Moran uses local materials for Honey Blonde Homemade Skincare. Tess gets great satisfaction from working with local farmers and businesses to source supplies for her line. The creative process of designing and making the product is something Tess enjoys. She routinely turns to Pinterest for inspiration. When asked to rate the experience she has had learning about and founding a small business, Tess chose one powerful word, “phenomenal.” Tess took home second place in the Magnificat High School competition.





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