About VYEF

About VYEF

The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum (VYEF) was established in 2012 to take high school students beyond the classroom and into the real world of entrepreneurship. Through a collaborative network of educators, business leaders and collegiate-level resources, VYEF offers programs and experiences that allow students to think creatively and analytically, recognize business opportunities, take initiative, solve problems, persist through failure, communicate persuasively, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

About VYEF Programs

VYEF programs are free and open to high school students and educators. Educators may register for all VYEF events through our website.


To honor the legacy of Tinkham Veale II by celebrating and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship among high school students and igniting a passion for entrepreneurship as a pathway to personal autonomy, meaningful work, and innovation.


The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum strives to position Northeast Ohio as a leader in high school entrepreneurial development, thereby contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by encouraging the retention of human capital and increasing economic development of the region.

About The Veale Foundation


The Veale Foundation was established in 1964 by Tinkham Veale II and his wife Harriet to improve the quality of life of others by making charitable donations to entities primarily located in Northeastern Ohio. To fulfill this mission, The Veale Foundation is committed to supporting charitable causes involved in areas such as education, human and social services, civic and community, and healthcare that are consistent with its historical donations.

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