Veale Pitchfest

Veale Pitchfest

16902471818_8f9f279709_oQuickly capturing the attention of decision makers by succinctly presenting ideas, goals, and personal attributes is an essential life skill, especially for entrepreneurs. In 2014, the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum developed a one-day elevator pitch competition hosted by Bizdom Cleveland and the Quicken Loans Arena that has subsequently been incorporated as a central part of the student experience. More than 200 students annually participate from throughout the network of schools.

The competition requires students to quickly form into teams with students from the other schools and begin collaborating and communicating. In round one, each student develops an idea and delivers a sixty-second pitch to fellow team members. Team members then select and rally around the best pitch idea and the strongest presenter who represents the entire team in the final round of competition. Dozens of mentors, coaches, and other students provide feedback and support in developing the best and final pitch, which is presented in front of more than one hundred people, including all of the teams and a panel of judges. Winners receive prizes and, of course, bragging rights.

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