Does Entrepreneurship Make you Strong?
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Does Entrepreneurship Make you Strong?

We asked high school students how entrepreneurship makes them feel. One of their top answers? Strong.

We are committed to helping teenagers believe in their ideas and fearlessly pursue them. Most teenagers are familiar with and live in a world of, “No” or, “Not right now.” So, how can permission to follow a lead, take on a challenge, and create a better way NOT make a young person feel strong? How can the entrepreneurial experience NOT build some healthy mental and emotional toughness?

We want every teenager to have the strength-building experience that entrepreneurship provides.

What Are Entrepreneurship’s Strength-Building Secrets?

Here’s what Forum students have to say:

“It’s ok to take a risk and devote your time and attention to something that may or may not work out in the end.”

“Everyone has a different perspective and none of them is wrong.”

“The discomfort of looking for ideas beyond what’s directly in front of you is worth it.”

“I can build something new, learn something new, and love something new while still being myself.”

Lessons from those quotes?

  • Freedom to fail is empowering.
  • You don’t have to know all of the answers. Team up with others.
  • Trust yourself and your decisions.
  • Get familiar with the unfamiliar.
  • Adopt a learning lifestyle.
  • Be yourself. Nobody else will.
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