thinkBIG! Challenge 2020

thinkBIG! Challenge 2020

Submit your business venture concept to compete

for $9,000 in prizes and recognition

as a Veale Innovator!

Challenge Timeline

December 30, 2019: Round 1 Submissions Due
January 13, 2020: Semifinalists Announced
January 24-25, 2020: Semifinalists attend one Executive Coaching Day
February 5, 2020: Round 2 (Semifinalists) Submissions Due
February 17, 2020: Final Four Announced
March 3, 2020: thinkBIG! Summit 

Competition Rounds

Round 1: Idea Development & Written Submission Round

Students start by forming a challenge team (comprised of 1 to 4 members) that explores and develops ideas for business ventures. Teams may submit an entry into one of two tracks: Innovation or Small Business. The differentiating feature is that small business ideas should be able to be realistically started by high school students with under $10,000. Teams submit an Executive Summary via online entry that describes their concept and outlines the problem, the solution, customers, the competition, assets needed, challenges, and financial feasibility.


Questionnaires,Rubrics and Registration Coming Soon!


Round 2: Video and Slide Deck Submission Round

Semifinalist teams compete in Round 2 to become a Final Four Challenge team. A slide deck and 60-90 second pitch video will be required for judging. 

Round 3: Live Pitch at thinkBIG! Summit

The Final Four teams will present live in front of judges and attendees at the thinkBIG! Summit on March 3, 2020. Two teams from each track will compete for the cash prizes.



Over $9,000 in prizes!

Each Final Four team member also receives:
– Veale Innovator Medals

For Mini Maker Hackathon team at the Summit
– Each First Place team member is awarded $50 cash


For School Sponsoring the Grand Prize Team
– Traveling Veale Innovation Cup Trophy

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