Mini Maker Hackathon

What is a Hack?

A sprint-like design event that includes team members of various subject matter expertise who collaborate intensively to generate ideas and/or a product. The term originated with computer programmers and software developers but is now used to describe any time-limited event that establishes a stream of valuable ideas and awakens experimentation and an innovative mindset. 

Our 2018 thinkBIG! Summit featured a Hackathon moderated by the fun and funky Cleveland nonprofit, Upcycle Parts Shop.  Each table was given a satchel filled with a wide variety of upcycled goods (think old record albums, cardboard tubes, duck tape, etc.) and tasked with creating a product out of the “stuff.”  The winner–chosen by audience vote–was a squirrel-proof bird feeder created by the team from GlenOak High School!

Our Hackathon is in development for the 2019 thinkBIG! Summit.  Stay tuned!  


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