Need Advice for Pursuing Entrepreneurial Ideas?
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Need Advice for Pursuing Entrepreneurial Ideas?

Be passionate. Be persistent. Be gracious.

This is our final interview question for Dr. Jeffrey Stamp. Read the other posts here, here, and here. Dr. Stamp is the creator of Baked! Lays Potato Chips for PepsiCo’s snack division, Frito Lay, and leader of seven successful startups. Dr. Stamp helps entrepreneurs and students worldwide awaken their untapped creative abilities and accelerate discovery thinking.

We will see Dr. Stamp in action at Thinkfest on September 28, 2016, when nearly 200 students will join him for a day of creativity and innovation at John Carroll University.

JeffStampVeale Forum: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue an entrepreneurial idea?

Stamp: Here’s a bonus, how about three pieces of advice?

  • Be passionate. Pursue something you are absolutely passionate about. Find something you love and become an expert in it. Learn everything you can. Live and breathe it. Become a skilled communicator. You can’t make a business out of passion alone. Believing in your idea is essential, but you have to be able to sell it, and yourself. But, keep in mind it doesn’t matter what other people think you should be pursuing. It should matter to you. Believe in yourself. In my opinion, there are too many people working hard everyday on things they do not love to do. Life is meant to be lived, so pursue something you deeply care about.
  • Be persistent. There will be lots of challenges along the way. Not only will other people doubt you, but you will sometimes doubt yourself. Self-reliance is vitally important. You have to be your own “help desk.” You have to be able to pick yourself up when you have a setback. You have to be the first person to celebrate your successes. Yes, you will need the support of lots of other people, but you also play a vital role in your own success. So, learn how to coach yourself and build resolve to keep pursuing what you are passionate about.
  • Be gracious. There seems to be a real lack of civility and graciousness these days. People have long memories and there is no sense in burning bridges. Being an entrepreneur is a rough and tumble adventure and you must learn to deal with and collaborate with many different kinds of people. Understanding the human side of business is just as important as how much science or technology you know. The best entrepreneurs I’ve ever met are masters at connecting with people.

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    More About Dr. Jeffrey Stamp
    Dr. Stamp was awarded the prestigious student-nominated Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award from the Acton Foundation. He has loaned his talents to Eureka! Ranch and University of North Dakota, where he was a chaired assistant professor of entrepreneurship. He conducts workshops worldwide. A learning session with Dr. Stamp is a thrill ride for your brain!

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