What Makes a Pitch Perfect?
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What Makes a Pitch Perfect?

Let me ask you a question. What makes a pitch memorable?

I am not talking about pitching by the Cleveland Indians. We already know they are great.

I am talking about an elevator pitch, a quick and informative way to communicate a business idea in 60 seconds or less. Are you up to the challenge? Do you feel 100% confident in your skills? Check out Mike Nock’s tips for getting started.

Mike Nock, the director at LaunchNET Baldwin Wallace University, shared his time and expertise at the two-day Veale Pitchfest to explain the best way to craft and execute the perfect pitch.

“Grab the listener’s attention within the first ten seconds. Start with the most important stuff. People check out pretty quickly,” explains Mike. “Smile and say what you need to say. Make the person laugh. Laughter is a great way to get the listener involved.” Mike went on to say, “Ooze excitement and enthusiasm for your idea. Be confident and don’t rush. You can lose someone by talking too quickly.” He added, “Don’t forget The Ask. You are giving your pitch because you want something from the listener, a meeting, advice, a sale, a job. Ask!”

Following a few of Mike’s simple tips will ramp up the quality of your pitch.

Are you ready? Start practicing:

  • Saying the most attention-grabbing and important stuff
  • Cool and comfortable smiling
  • Choosing your words carefully and saying only what you need to say
  • Using humor and making the listener laugh
  • Showing excitement and enthusiasm for you own idea
  • Slowing down and exhibiting confidence in what you’re saying
  • Closing with a request for follow up. “When can we meet?”
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