Where Do Startup Ideas Come From?
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Where Do Startup Ideas Come From?

A Bug Report is a great source of ideas for innovation.

We recently had a virtual sit-down with Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, the creator of Baked! Lays Potato Chips for PepsiCo’s snack division, Frito Lay, and leader of seven successful startups. Dr. Stamp helps entrepreneurs and students worldwide awaken their untapped creative abilities and accelerate discovery thinking.

This is our first of five interview questions for Dr. Stamp.

JeffStampVeale Forum: We are looking forward to seeing you in action at Thinkfest on September 28, 2016, when nearly 200 students from our network of high schools will get creative with you at John Carroll University.

Let’s kick off our conversation with this question. Where do ideas for innovation come from?

Stamp: The best ideas come from simply being aware of the world around us. A favorite exercise of mine is to have students create a Bug Report for a week. Anyone can do this. Write down all the things that bug you as you go about your daily business. In addition, listen for things mentioned by other people. Listen to the media. Pay attention to the news. Tune in to the conversations around you. Make note of all the things that are bugging people. As you write, think about possible solutions to these bugs.

Your Bug Report could become your greatest source of new ideas for innovative solutions. To give you an example, did you know that Velcro was invented by a man who was bothered by the burrs that stuck to his clothes as he hiked on trails that were overgrown with weeds? Today, the Velcro Companies employ some 2,500 people on multiple continents. There are countless examples like this. Simply paying attention to the world around us is a source of great opportunity.

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More About Dr. Jeffrey Stamp
Dr. Stamp was awarded the prestigious student-nominated Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award from the Acton Foundation. He has loaned his talents to Eureka! Ranch and University of North Dakota, where was a chaired assistant professor of entrepreneurship. He conducts workshops worldwide. A learning session with Dr. Stamp is a thrill ride for your brain!

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